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As i was reading up today i realized that i have been telling folks for a while now about Google Authorship, and i was reminded by Bronson Harrington within a comment about doing so. So here is a simple step by step guide layed out by the folks over at YOAST.

That is what it looks like. Pretty neat i would have to say!

“My buddy Arjan discovered yesterday that Google is now allowing rel=”author” markup through a <link> element in the head of your site. This makes adding rel=”author” to your site properly a lot easier,”

3 step process:

  1. Add the above link to the <head> of the URLs you’d like your face to appear on.
  2. On your Google+ profile, you need to make sure to have a link pointing back to the site you want the author highlight to work on.
  3. Make sure your +1′s are public on your Google+ profile or it won’t work.

Yes its that simple to do and not what i expected. So it should look like this:

<link rel="author" href=""

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  1. Bronson says:

    Thanks for the mention buddy. Google Authorship is a quick and simple thing to implement and let;s you take credit for your content… all good in my book.

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