Raven Tools drop rankings & AHREFS drops KW analysis

Raven Tools

Raven tools announced that they will be dropping their rankings checker for Google, after 7 years of offering the service they have sited their reasons as :

Raven has decided to remove unauthorized Google data from our platform. As of 5 p.m. PST (GMT-8) on Jan. 2, 2013, we will no longer offer Google rankings and are eliminating our SERP Tracker tool in its entirety. Also, we will remove all data provided to us by SEMRush. You have until then to include any of that data in your reports.

What does this mean? They will still offer the other services however the rank tracker will be made null and void and the reasons why they done is:

  • Unreliable results. It’s impossible to be 100% accurate with scraped Google rankings because geography, personalization, server timing and types of results influence SERPs for each searcher.
  • Inflated expectations. Most customers expected 100% accuracy regardless of geography, personalization, server timing and types of results. Any variance from what they saw when they (or their clients) performed a search caused confusion. Adding rank editing did not alleviate the problem as much as we hoped. What’s more, recently we’ve had more requests than ever for daily, universal and local results.
  • High risk. Using scraped Google data violates Google’s terms of service. It doesn’t matter whether we provided scraped data for rankings, research or really boring Friday night entertainment.
  • An unpredictable future. This metric, though deemed essential by some SEOs, would only continue to diminish in relevance as campaign performance metrics replaced it in importance.


On the wake of Raven tools announcement has made an announcement as well to close the Keyword Analysis section on the 11th January 2013. Both are saying that according to Google they are going against the Google TOS (terms of Service) for the scraped data. They still offer the best indexing of backlinks on the web, much better than MajesticSEO, however on the wake of these services ceasing Majestic has come out with a few improvements to their services.

MajesticSEO offers:

  • Bucket Lists
    • Look at a collection as a group export
    • Curate links across several sites into one set
    • Create reports from directly within the bucket list
    • Apply Majestic tools directly to URLs in the bucket
    • Generally manage independent sets of URLs any way you want.
  • Bulk Upload
    • Check large files of backlinks
    • Upload links via CSV or TXT
    • Export Google Backlinks into file
  • Link Maps
    • See where people are hosting sites that link to you
    • See the websites via URL, Sub-domain or TLD.
    • Lookup of IP Addresses

Sad day for RavenTools and AHREFS and things looking good for MajesticSEO, for a SERP tracking tool you can use either of the ranking tools i wrote about.

Google is making a huge push to control all of the big data sets that SEOs have available to them. It is scary how much control & power they are wielding here.I can see Google including ranking data and other info in a ‘premium’ version of Analytics in the feature. Or only allowing people to build tools based off of ‘official’ or ‘approved’ Google data. Whatever happens, this sucks and is not good for our industry.- said Trevins in a Reddit thread discussing the topic.

Whats your take on it, since a search engine is exactly just doing the same and scraping the web?


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